Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (2022 Batch Onwards)

Unique and positive points of the program are:

  1. Provides a multidisciplinary learning experience.
  2. The design of the programme allows the students to broaden their scope beyond chemical engineering and learn principles of biology and chemistry which will be highly useful in their future career.
  3. Allows the students to pursue higher academic or professional careers in the interdisciplinary areas of chemical engineering.

Semester-wise course credit structure of the program is as follows:

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Semester - III  (Total Credits: 39)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CB 201Introduction to Transport Phenomena3006
2ME 207Thermodynamics2106
3ME 203Fluid Mechanics2106
4ME 201Engineering Mechanics2106
5EE 221Introduction to Probability (1st Half)3003
6EE 227Data Analysis (2nd Half)3003
7BB 301Basics of Cell Biology and Genetics3006
8CB 211Chemical Engineering lab -I0033


Semester - IV (Total Credits :38)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1ME 301Heat Transfer2106
2ME 222Mechanics of Materials2106
3CH 306Electrochemistry3003
4CH 304Introduction to computational chemistry3003
5MA 208Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra (1st Half)3104
6MA 103Differential Equations - I (2nd Half)3104
7BB 606Biophysical Methods3003
8CH 201Organic Chemistry3003
9CB 203Mass transfer3006


Semester - V (Total Credits :33)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1HS 201Economics3006
2CH 402Catalysis3003
3CB 202Reaction engineering3006
4CB 212Chemical Engineering lab - II0033
5CB 213Chemical Engineering Lab - III0033
6 Programme elective-I3006
7 Programme elective-II3006
Semester - VI (Total Credits : 33)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 301Environmental Studies3006
2CB 301Process Equipment Design and Economics3006
3 Process Control3006
4 Programme elective-III3006
5 Programme elective-IV3006
6 Scientific presentation0033
7CB 401Chemical reaction engineering-II3006


Semester - VII (Total Credits :24)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1 HSS Elective3006
2 Institute Elective-I3006
3 Institute Elective-II3006
4 Programme elective-V/ BTP-I3006
5 Programme elective-VI3006
6CB 402Advanced Transport phenomena3006
Semester - VIII (Total Credits : 18)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1 Institute Elective-III3006
2 Institute Elective-IV/ HSS elective3006
3 Programme elective-VII/BTP -II3006
4 Programme elective-VIII3006
5 Programme elective-IX3006