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1Title of the course 
Introduction to Electrical Systems and Electronics 
2Pre-requisite courses(s)Exposure to Calculus
3Course content

From Physics to Electrical Engineering

  1. Lumped matter discipline
  2. Batteries, resistors, current sources and basic laws
  3. I-V characteristics and modeling physical systems

Basic Circuit Analysis Methods

  1. KCL and KVL, voltage and current dividers
  2. Parallel and serial resistive circuits
  3. More complicated circuits
  4. Dependent sources, and the node method
  5. Superposition principle
  6. Thevenin and Norton method of solving linear circuits
  7. Circuits involving diode.

Analysis of Non-linear Circuits

  1. Toy example of non-linear circuit and its analysis
  2. Incremental analysis
  3. Introduction to MOSFET Amplifiers
  4. Large and small signal analysis of MOSFETs
  5. MOSFET as a switch

Introduction to the Digital World

  1. Voltage level and static discipline
  2. Boolean logic and combinational gates
  3. MOSFET devices and the S Model
  4. MOSFET as a switch; revisited
  5. The SR model of MOSFETs
  6. Non-linearities: A snapshot

Capacitors and Inductors

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