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1Title of the course 
Quantum Physics and Applications 
2Pre-requisite courses(s)Nil
3Course contentQuantum nature of light: Photoelectric Effect and Compton Effect. 
Stability of atoms and Bohr`s rules. 
Wave particle duality: De Broglie wavelength, Group and Phase velocity, Uncertainty Principle, Double Slit Experiment. 
Schrödinger Equation. 
Physical interpretation of Wave Function, Elementary Idea of Operators, Eigen-value Problem. 
Solution of Schrödinger equation for simple boundary value problems. 
Reflection and Transmission Coefficients. Tunneling. 
Particle in a three dimensional box, Degenerate states. 
Exposure to Harmonic Oscillator and Hydrogen Atom without deriving the general solution. 
Quantum Statistics: Maxwell Boltzmann, Bose Einstein and Fermi Dirac Statistics by detailed balance arguments. 
Density of states. 
Applications of B-E statistics: Lasers. Bose-Einstein Condensation. 
Applications of F-D statistics: Free electron model of electrons in metals. Concept of Fermi Energy. 
Elementary Ideas of Band Theory of Solids. 
Exposure to Semiconductors, Superconductors, Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing.
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