Course Details

1Title of the course
Design Thinking and Creativity
2Pre-requisite courses(s)Nil
3Course content
  1. Problem Exploration- Students move around and find problems that need solutions.
  2. They analyse the problem (not solution) and evolve a problem space. The problem space is converted into a story boar and presented in a poster session.
  3. Feedback at the poster session is used to refine the problem definition(s).
  4. Solution Exploration: Creative solutions (solution space) are now explored and presented using story boards.
  5. The solutions are converted into “embodiments”
  1. “Stuff Matters” Prof. Mark Miodownik, Penguin
  2. “Design and Technology” by James Garratt, Cambridge University Press.
  3. How it works in the home: Walt Disney:9780894340482-
  4. How it works in the City (Walt Disney available on
  5. Change by design – Tim Brown
  6. There are some additional books in this “How it Works” series.