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1Title of the course  
Introduction to Civil Engineering  
2Pre-requisite courses(s)-
3Course contentIntroduction and Scope of Civil Engineering: 
Basics of Engineering and Civil Engineering; Broad disciplines of Civil Engineering; Importance of Civil Engineering, History of Civil Engineering: Early constructions and developments over time, ancient monuments of the world, Civil Engineering aspects of Indian heritage structures. Civil Engineering Specializations: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Ocean Engineering, Remote Sensing and GIS, Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure.  
Megastructures of Civil Engineering:Design, Construction and Structural Details of Some of the Megastructures of the World. Mega Civil Engineering Projects of India. Failure Case Studies in Civil Engineering: Structures, Foundations, Dams, Pavement Systems, and the Geo-environment. Some Major Civil Engineering Challenges  
Materials in Civil Engineering:Stones, bricks, mortars, Plain, Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete, Construction Chemicals, Structural Steel, High Tensile Steel, Carbon Composites, Plastics in Construction, 3D printing, Recycling of Construction & Demolition wastes, Sustainable Building Materials. 
Introduction to Plan Reading, and Construction Techniques:Scale drawings of floor plans, sections, and elevations; Plan types, Interpretation of plans. Components of a building. Typical loads and forces in Civil Engineering structures. Introduction to estimation and costing. 
Smart Cities and Current Trends in Construction Industry:Application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Civil Engineering. Position of construction industry vis-à-vis other industries, plan outlays for construction; current budgets for infrastructure works; Possible scopes for a career, Importance of ethics in engineering.
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