IIT DHARWAD has an elementary Health Care Centre which can provide primary health care in the campus. To address medical emergencies, the Institute has a full fledged Ambulance available 24 x 7 in the campus. Should there be any eventuality leading to hospitalization requirement, the Institute has a group medical insurance policy for students to aid in the general hospitalization expenses. The elementary health care centre at IIT  DHARWAD has two specialists on General medicine, a Psychiatrist, and a Clinical Psychologist/Counsellor.

Three Full time staff nurses (02 Male Nurses and 01 Female Nurse) are available 24x7 along with a well-equipped Ambulance at the centre. They assist in catering to medical emergencies at the campus. First aid Medical kit is available at Sports centre, Gymnasium and at each hostel. The ambulance staff also provides routine medical services such as checking temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen level, nebulization, oxygen inhalation and dressing of wounds. IIT  DHARWAD also offers mental health support through app and workshop facilities of the organization Yourdost, besides consultation support from an in-house counsellor. A distressed student can also approach student mentors, wardens and teachers for any kind of assistance.

The Institute has an MoU with the super specialty, premier healthcare institution of the region Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Medical Science, DHARWAD (SDM) to address the referral cases from the primary health care centre and secondary and tertiary health care requirements. The hospital is empaneled with the group medical insurance policy of students.

Ambulance contact number : 8105405107